You are allowed to sell only goods and clothes that are in good condition and clean. We will remove defective clothing and goods.  We have Price Labels with barcodes, which makes pricing smooth. Bar codes allow you to do pricing, for example, at home. However, don’t print price tags at home, we do it on the go in the store. We use barcodes because sales should always be on the right table. Barcodes tell us to which table goods belong to.

Here’s how to make your price tag online:
1. Log in to
2. There is a link “Pricing (Hinnoittelu)” in the menu. Create a new sheet from the “Create a new pricing sheet (Luo uusi hinnoitteluarkki)” button.
3. Add the products to the sheet and press the “Save (Tallenna)” button at the bottom.
After this, the message “Recording was successful (Tallennus onnistui)” should appear. If nothing happens after pressing the button, the form contains incorrect information, in which case you should check where the X is marked.
4. When the sheet is complete, mark it ready on the Pricing page From the “Mark Done (Merkitse valmiiksi)” link.

If you wish to do pricing by hand with a ballpoint pen, you can get two blank A4-size sheets with a total of 66 stickers from our store. If two sheets are not enough, you can buy more from our store for 0.50 eur / sheet.

You should mark the label with more detailed information about the product for sale, eg “Red pot label”. In clothes, the sticker sticks best with a safety pin. A sticker attached without a safety pin may come off. If you wish, you can buy safety pins from us

A table that has not too many items on it, is more attractive than a busy table. So keep it simple, you´ll sell better! If there is too much stuff the customer is not interested in it.

If you are selling a more valuable product, you may want to put an anti-theft alarm on it. Attach it to the product itself, not to the package. We rent both hard alarms and sticker alarms. More expensive products, such as jewelry and perfumes, should be placed in a glass display case for a separate fee. You can also rent an alarm case for your jewelry.

You can use the discount percentage for the last rental days if you wish. The staff will add the desired discount percentage to the end of your selling perioid and attach a note of the discount percentage to your goods. When reducing the price of individual goods, the entire tag must be replaced with a new one. Punavuoren Patina does not sell products if the price has been changed over the previous price.


Once you have booked your selling place, come to put it up for sale as soon as your rental period begins. If you bring clothes, you will receive hangers from us for the duration of your booking. Please note, however, that you can bring the goods on 45 minutes before the closing time the day before.

Emptying must take place on the last rental day one hour before the store closes. Visit the store again to check that your goods have not been lost in other places. Please also return any safety pins borrowed from us to the next renter.

Damaged products or products prohibited by law (eg pirated products) or harmful products may not be sold in Punavuoren Patina. Also, stuffed animals cannot be brought for sale. Technical equipment must comply with EU regulations. Staff may remove products that do not meet these criteria from sale. Products must not be stored elsewhere than on table or sledges.
No goods may be stored on the floors.

Punavuoren Patina is not responsible for any damage to the products sold during the Sales Period or for stolen products.

If the owner of the product cannot be identified due to a missing price tag, the product will be stored for two weeks. If the owner of the product cannot be assigned, the ownership passes to Punavuoren Patina. If the products are not picked up within two weeks of the end of the sales period, ownership will pass to Punavuoren Patina. Yet if the settlement has not been cleared or it has not been agreed to pick it up within two weeks of the end of the rental period, the final settlement will become the property of Punavuoren Patina.


When the rental period is over, you will receive the payment at the checkout in cash or directly to your account. If you want money to your account, you need to add the account number to your customer account or send it by e-mail to Punavuoren Patina. The customer himself answers that the account number is correct in the customer information.

If you have paid your rental offline, please present a payment receipt before settling. Also be prepared to present your ID.

If the product has been on sale in our online shop, then the payment will be paid to your account after a 14-day right of return.

Payment methods in Punavuoren Patina are:
– Cash, debit or credit card (most common).
– In addition, Klarna installment agreement and PayPal in the online shop.

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